This page contains some pictures of launches starting in December, 1999 - December, 2000. The above shows my niece Marysue pressing the button to launch the "Missy Rocket". It was getting a little late, and was starting to get dark, which resulted in this beautiful picture. This was just a dinky B6-4 engine, too!

All of the pictures on this page were of launches we made in the ball field at the end of our street. Not a lot of room, completely surrounded by trees and houses and power lines. While technically enough space, I am a nervous wreck every time we launch here. 

Did I mention that there's a Juvenal Detention Center adjacent to this field? Well, there is, and I'm not going in there to retrieve any rockets!


This shows me prepping the "Blue Streak" for what is possibly it's maiden voyage. Boy, do I look excited!


...and Liftoff! 


The rarest of rare shots of the perfectly deployed Blue Streak, centered, and clear enough  to even see the decal on the side of the rocket!


Here I am posing with my untested, unpainted "Silver Streak". It had a two-engine cluster design and low center of gravity, so I didn't want to spend time finishing it if it wouldn't fly. 


It launched perfectly, I needn't have worried. You can even see the twin jets of flame from the two engines in this shot. Pretty cool. It has a nickname: "Self Portrait With Fins". You figure it out.


Darn kids down the street were playing their music too loud, so I designed and launched a nuclear-tipped missile to shut them up. No, I'm just kidding.

This is a launch of the "Panther" a "scale-like" missile I made out of spare parts. It had a beautiful slow lift off, resulting in wonderful shots like this one.

I use the past tense, because the Panther suffered a disastrous crash, destroying the lower body tube, and I never got around to fixing it. This is all I have to remember it by. 


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